Rob Walker explores the idea of the book

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 @ 11:00 am | Books

Despite all this talk about its death and decline, the book has a tight grip on our imaginations. Why else would e-book readers simulate the book-reading experience (that page-flip look and noise, book covers, etc.)? The book has talismanic qualities built by centuries of cultural history.

New York Times columnist Rob Walker, he writes the insightful Consumed column, is looking at the idea of the book. It’s a playful survey on how artisans, craft-makers and others play with the book form.

There are ‘pillow-books,’ edible books, book planters and more. All these projects, of course, tap into our very strong psychic attachments to books, both in form and content.

Photo: Artist Thomas Allen uses old pulp novels in his work. More from the Foley Gallery.

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