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Uppercase magazine: Canada’s best looking new magazine?

Dec 15, 2009 in Media


I spotted the gorgeous Uppercase magazine at my local independent bookstore.

From their site:

We’re inquisitive: learning from other artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians, whether they’re upstarts or icons, famous or shy, verbal or visual.

We’re inspired: enchanted by great ideas and strange inventions; by colour and pattern; things fancy and frugal; the charm of vintage in a modern life; the ridiculous and the sublime.

We’re adventurous: traveling to destinations both real and imagined, peeking into creative spaces and discovering magnificent people and memorable places.

We’re eclectic: curating souvenirs, collecting treasures and celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday.

We’re playful: delighting in visual amusements, intelligent distraction, entertaining wordplay and sweet indulgences.

We’re UPPERCASE: a magazine for the creative and curious!

I’m also happy to say that they’re from Calgary. It’s nice to see great work from outside of the Toronto-Montreal nexus. Also their quirky-retro aesthetic is right up my alley.

Apparently the editors also run classes, a gallery and a shop. Those not in Calgary, myself include, can admire them from afar via their blog.