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21st Century Abe

Feb 28, 2009 in politics

A bi-centenary and the election of a certain President also from Illinois and with the same groundbreaking credentials has made Abraham Lincoln the man of the moment.

The social media project 21st Century Abe The Mist move is a perfect example.

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Lincoln was born two hundred years ago. Happy birthday Abe! But why are we in the 21st century still obsessed with this 19th-century man? We find Abe everywhere from advertising to political punditry. What does this popular Abe have to do with the historical Abe? 21st-Century Abe has six months to tackle these questions

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I’m smitten with Maira Kalman’s illustrations of the great emancipator. There are more on her wonderful NY Times blog.

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Jeepers Creepers divx

This one’s pretty obvious, but Sufjan’s nod to Abe makes me pretty happy.

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My new books blog

Feb 28, 2009 in Work

Jesus Christ Superstar rip

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After much nailbiting and prodding, we finally launched the new books blog at the Post. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I’m one of the editors of the Afterword (I’m in charge of the blog’s twitter feed, follow us @npbooks).

American Beauty divx Brad and Mark felt that the books coverage in the Post was actually getting lost in the pop culture heavy Ampersand blog. It’s tough to read about the new Murakami book and then get bombarded by a story about Britney’s latest meltdown.

Little Nicky film
Springtime for Pluto rip

I’m looking forward to doing a lot of coverage on e-books (especially with the upcoming Bookcamp), cover design and pretty much anything else I’ve wanted to cover in the literary world.

Day-off post: How to be cool, Good Egg, Popped Culture

Feb 26, 2009 in On-line

I’m supposed to stay off the computer today (EPIC FAIL! Point Break dvd ) so I will just point out a few quick things:

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1) When I’m too lazy to post I push things to my Google Reader plugin in the sidebar. There’s usually lots of fun things there. I’ll highlight this hilarious ‘How to be cool’ list from The Barstool Romantic.

2) The lovely ladies at Good Egg have been hard at work and have a new website! Drop by and say a virtual hi.

3) Read my co-worker Jeremy’s blog Popped Culture 13 Hours in a Warehouse movie download

House divx

. Jeremy handles the morning shift so I never see him. Reading his blog makes me feel like we still work together.

The Cat in the Hat dvd Flirting with Disaster dvd Killer’s Delight move

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Photo break: A little light and the open road

Feb 25, 2009 in politics

For most Canadians winter just doesn’t want to seem to end. So, for all of you in the winter doldrums, a little hit of beautiful light and the romance of the road.

The Hangover movie Franklyn ipod

Flickr user f letter, a designer in Portland, has a few more in his account. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images.

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The Tattooist rip Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs dvd

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A really belated welcome to Worn magazine

Feb 25, 2009 in Torontopia

The Entrance ipod

They’ve thrown one ridiculously fun slow dance night

Wobble: The Weight of the Truth dvdrip Nims Island dvdrip

Sunshine Cleaning psp and a memorable Heartbreak Karaoke night (that’s scenes from that night above). Oh, they also put together a fine little indie magazine. Yes, it’s the ladies from Worn Fashion Journal.

Worn, is an alternative fashion magazine, more DIY and Broken Pencil than Vogue or Toronto Fashion. Or in their own words:

Me and You and Everyone We Know download

Hostel on dvd SIS divx 3:10 to Yuma movie download Worn discusses the cultures, subcultures, histories, and personal stories of fashion. We strive to embody a place between pop culture magazine and academic journal. Worn opens new avenues in art and fashion theory by hovering where these two ideas intersect, connecting with fashion scholars and artists. We pay attention to how what is worn is made, interpreted, transformed, disseminated, and copied.

Mischief Night divx

Founder Serah-Marie McMahon was originally based out of Montreal but she lives in Toronto now. Well, the city’s a little bit more fun because of it. You can buy the magazine on their site or at your fine independent bookstore.

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The Moth

Feb 25, 2009 in politics

I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life & Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal psp

The Bellboy film

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Bombshell movie download

Cradle 2 the Grave film If you need a break from This American Life an alternative might be storytelling podcast the Moth. The creators of the Moth podcast

W. movie

Outland psp

draw on performances from their stages in LA and New York.

The stories they get, from ordinary people and celebrities alike, are at times astounding, funny, heartbreaking and sometimes just plain eyeopening. A recent one on a junkie and his dying girlfriend had me tearing up on the bus ride home.

Ralphie May: Austin-Tatious

Subscribe to their podcast here!

Friday, I'm in love

Feb 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

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The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas rip


How to Play Golf trailer The Bond release

With musical accompaniment

Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle trailer

Photo Break: Woody Guthrie

Feb 20, 2009 in Photo break

Nocturna dvdrip Woody Guthrie on the New York City Subway, 1943.

Click for a full-size version The Bellboy full movie .

Tackle Happy release

I blowed into New York town,
And I looked up and I looked down,
Everybody I seen on the streets
Was all a running down in a hole in the ground.
I follered ‘em. See where they’s a going.
Newsboy said they’re tryin’ to smoke a rat out of a hole.

Phantom Force video

Unknown World move

— From Talking Subway, by Woody Guthrie Mad Cow trailer

The Army Mascot psp

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And if you want a little musical accompaniment to go with that. Here’s Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy bringing to life a Guthrie original. Have an amazing day.

David Byrne + Marcel Dzama = maximum awesomeness

Feb 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Third Wheel trailer

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Deal download Dust Devil video

Way to go Boing Boing.


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Little Nicky hd

Buried Alive trailer

Two of my favourites, together at last.

Harry Potter covers reimagined

Feb 18, 2009 in Books

Compare these Harry Potter books redesigned to mimic classic Penguin covers to the ones that are actually on the shelves and you can see that these are a lot sexier.

The Crow: Wicked Prayer dvd Like Mother, Like Daughter trailer

Meet Joe Black move

Casual Optimist also points me to a set of Lemony Snicket ones.

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Designed by M.S. Corley

The Chronicles of Riddick hd The Seventh Stream movie A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash film